Thanks to everyone for attending, presenting, and helping out at the first oslohack event! We couldn't have done this without you.

See you again soon, and have a happy new year.


non-profit community conference at Hackeriet · 28-30 dec 2022

oslohack:22 is organized by members of the hackerspace Hackeriet in Oslo. It's held at the same time as other decentralized events that will happen since Chaos Communication Congress was cancelled again this year.

There will be talks, workshops, socializing, streams from related events, club mate and stuff. There is also a chill-area with sofas, and tables for people who wants to bring their laptop, hack on projects, learn something, or just hang out.


There is no signup, and the event is free. Thanks to support from NUUG Foundation, Kovert and volunteers ❤️


Hackeriet at Hausmania, Hausmannsgate 34, Oslo

This the Entrance

We have two adjacent rooms for the conference:


2022-12-28 day 0, wednesday
11:00 Venue opens
16:45 Opening Ceremony
17:00 ctx - Native vector graphics for microcontrollers and terminals
Øyvind Kolås software 50min
18:00 Secure messaging deep dive
Stian Kristoffersen security 50min [slides]
19:00 Debugging packages on Linux
Morten Linderud software 50min
20:00 (Moved to Thursday 20:00) Quantum Threat Inflation - riding the Cyber Wave
Natalie Kilber security 50min remote
21:00 Digital Skeleton Keys
micsen security 50min
23:59 Venue closes
2022-12-29 day 1, thursday
11:00 Venue opens
12:00 Street Epistomology - A technique for difficult conversations
Jared Elgvin & Salve J. Nilsen workshop 2hrs+
16:00 FreeIPA - Identity and access management system for Linux
xorgic software 25min
17:00 Algorithmic Predictions and Big Decisions - Failures of Machine Learning
Daniel Kinn science 50min
18:00 The road to NRK's private Terraform registry
Stig Otnes Kolstad software 50min [slides]
19:00 Valuable but vulnerable - GNSS timing interference detection and countermeasures
Harald Hauglin, Justervesenet security 50min
20:00 Bar opens in Flerbrukshallen
20:00 Quantum Threat Inflation - riding the Cyber Wave
Natalie Kilber security 50min remote
23:59 Venue closes
2022-12-30 day 2, friday
11:00 Venue opens
15:00 Vim movements
xorgic workshop 2hrs
16:00 Skal EU få se dine private bilder?
Tom Fredrik Blenning politics 50min
17:00 CPU-cachen og deg: hvordan skrive cache-effektiv kode
Rune Holm software 50min
18:00 Nanopore DNA sequencing for dummies and smarties
Karl Trygve Kalleberg science 50min remote
19:00 Lightning Talks, Closing Remarks
20:00 Bar opens in Flerbrukshallen
22:00 Venue closes

call for participation

Would you like to do a talk, a workshop, or have other contributions in mind? Let us know

all creatures welcome!

Hackeriet and our events are safe spaces where all creatures are welcome. We do not tolerate harassment, bullying, discrimination, or anything like that. All participants are required follow our Code of Conduct. Be excellent to each other!

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